Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specifications Rumor

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specifications, features , Galaxy Note 4 Release date and expected price whatever you want to know is available here.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 came into existence in September 2013 as one of the most powerful Android Device from the company. Along with it, Samsung introduced the world with the wearable Gadgets which were dubbed as Galaxy Gear.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was the most powerful gadgets launched by Samsung ever. The sale of Galaxy note 3 is going well and has already made the new record in the Smartphone industry.

And, Now the big brother of this powerful device is likely to join the Galaxy Note Family.  A lot of expectations are being made  about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Phablet now a days.

According to expectations, the Galaxy Note 4 would be raised in August or September 2014. This famous Galaxy  note series was started in  the year 2011. But that time all we know, there were no competitor for these Galaxy devices. If you look back, then in 2013  you can see the major competitor of the device.

LG, Sony and HTC  have already joined the war and launching the competitor for the Galaxy Note device. The competitors are taking more and more interest in the Phablets market. But, King would be the King. The Galaxy Note 3 was the Star device  in the 2013 after its launch and the history is going to repeat itself with the new upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Phablet.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-4, Galaxy Note 4 Images

There will be no doubt that every new smart device will face the obstacle due to the competitors. The Famous Galaxy Note Series is likely to feel something similar in the journey. But the future upcoming device from Samsung seems more promising than the previous gadgets.

However, People have already started running for the Galaxy Note 4 and imagination for this upcoming Galaxy Note has already taken place in their minds. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 are likely to be the devices that will surely take the smartphone technology to the next level and will rock in 2014 with their amazing capabilities.

But How can we say that? Is there any clue, for it. Of course, Yes!!!. By the time Samsung has revealed the powerful parts of the Smartphone. The Octa-Core Processor Chipsets, the Flexible and Curved YOUM displays, the 128GB on-board Storage memory and the 2K resolutions display panels ensure that the company is cooking something big for the next generation devices.

Samsung will include its new Galaxy S family memory, Galaxy S5 with True Octa Core Processor and optimum level performance in case there will be the 64-bit processor in the device. After the iPhone 5S with 64-bit processor, other Smartphone majors are also looking for the same in their upcoming device.

And the interesting thing is that Samsung has made similar comments for including the 64-bit processor in the Galaxy Note 4 Phablet as well in Galaxy S5 in 2014.

However, You may have known a lot of things about the Upcoming Galxy Note 4, but here we have collected some more things that you must be interesting  to know about Note 4 Phablet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release Date Possibilities

However, there have not much time for the release to the Galaxy Note 3 and here we are talking abut the next Galaxy Note. As per the previous releases, that Samsung has made for another device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Phablet is likely to be released in  August or September month this year. Below are the previous release

  •   N7000 Galaxy Note was released in September 2011
  •   N7100 Galaxy Note 2 was released in August 2012
  •   Galaxy Note 3 was released in  September 2013

All these records are giving clues that the next Gen  Galaxy note 4 would be released  in either August or September 2014.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Prototype


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Features and Specifications

  • The Galaxy Note 4 is like to have the most performing and powerful part of the Smartphone that the company has revealed in time. Here is the quick review of the features of Note 4-
  • True Octa-core 64-bit Processor on Exynos chipset
  • The 5.7-inch 2160p resolution display that would not be Flexible. However, it might get the curved edges.  But Samsung is planning to launch such type of display in the Sperate Galaxy Series F.
  • It is now confirmed that Samsung will be providing the 4GB RAM memory that Phablet. As the Note 3 has already acquired the 3GB, so it’s assured that Note 4 will reach at 4GB place.
  • The 128GB on board storage is not far away as the company has shown the prototypes of the memory modules in late 2012 and now its time to amaze the world. The Note 4 phablet may debut with 128Gb on-board storage.
  • 21Mp ISOCELL primary Camera Sensor.
  • PLS LCD displays
  • 3600 or 3800mAh Battery
  • 4G and Dual Channel Wi-Fi Support Capabilities 

Galaxy Note 4 Expected Price Range

The Galaxy Note 3 is running currently around $730 in most the countries. It the upcoming Phablet is enough rmosing then it may cross the $750 barrier easily. However, the Price of Note 3 may come down as Samsung will not make any other device to touch this barrier line in order to lose the market of its new gadget. And if there is no device with such a price range, Gaalxy note 4 will surely come with this Price in the market.

What you guys are expecting about this new generation device? Share your views about this upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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